Niksa Nonprofit Charity Institutes

Reg. No. 25999

No. 13, 19th Street, South Piroozi Street, Moazen Blvd., Rajaeishahr, Karaj

Introduction, Executive Records and Services

Niksa, Leading in Respecting and Empowering the Underprivileged People

Niksa, Supporter of Future Human Capital of the Country

General Particulars of the Institute

Name of company Niksa Nonprofit Charity Institute
Type of company A Nonprofit, Nongovernmental, and Nonpolitical Company
Domain of Rendering Services Tehran and Alborz Provinces
Establishment Date ۲۰۱۰
Registration No. ۲۵۹۹۹
National Identification No. ۱۰۳۲۰۳۰۹۸۴۶
Field of Activity Rendering Social Work Services, Financial and Nonfinancial Aids to the Needy People, Establishing Public Centers and Institutes, Preserving Human Capital by Supporting and Taking Care of Unattended Children
Managing Director Azim Kazempour (09126622743)
Bank Mellat Account Number for People Contributions to the Institute ۴۴۵۳۶۴۸۸/۱۲Card No. 6104-3377-7008-2970
Headquarters No. 13, 19th Street, South Piroozi Street, Moazen Blvd., Rajaeishahr, Karaj
Contact Information ۰۲۶۳۴۳۱۷۹۰۹
Internet site www.niksa-charity.ir         info@niksa-charity.ir

Field and Domains of Activities of the Institute

  • Establishing affiliated charity institutes including orphanage, clinic, charity foundations, cultural institutes, charity exhibitions, and the likes.
  • Helping the needy and underprivileged people by means of respecting and feeding the orphans and destitute, unattended families, the disabled, the elderly, and special patients.
  • Helping young needy people in their education, employment, marriage, and providing marriage dowry.
  • Any other charity services that have been confirmed by the board of trustees through internal bylaws of the institute.

Activities Performed by the Institute

A-   Current Activities

  • Providing service in various financial, welfare, and medical fields and providing empowerment services to the relief seekers of the institute.
  • Holding participation programs to introduce Khaneh Mehr and attract special sponsors for the children of this center.

B-    Performed Activities

  • Establishing center of supporting unattended female children (Khaneh Mehr) in Karaj and taking care of children under support of the institute through modern management methodologies.
  • Helping and supporting 561 needy families including families with unattended and orphan children, unattended women, supplying educational expenses of talented children, releasing prisoners, illness of children, supplying marriage dowry, eliminating social pathology, and curing addiction.
  • Holding happiness ceremony upon presence of various people and famous artists of the country in Karaj.
  • Holding Dastan Mehraban festival in Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Group member companies in order to attract sponsors for Khaneh Mehr.
  • Executing Dastan Mehraban project in Karaj to attract participation of Karaj citizens as Khaneh Mehr sponsors.

C-   Current Projects (in process of planning)

  • Establishment of ISO9001:2008 in Niksa and Khaneh Mehr Institutes.
  • Increasing the capacity of the center for supporting children (increasing to 100 children as developmental programs).
  • Designing and manufacturing modern children support center according to the day standards of the world.

Niksa at a Glance

Niksa Charity Institute was established based on a spontaneous move according to the feelings of charitable people. It was registered under number 25999 on August 3, 2010 and is currently working nationwide under supervision of state welfare organization.

The institute has more than 3500 members with an extensive network of cooperation of a great number of other charity organizations.

The general objectives of Niksa include humanism, focusing on community and eliminating social vulnerabilities, focusing on people by creating appropriate beds for the manifest of the charity sense, providing the opportunity for doing charity deeds, and becoming an appropriate arm in the issue of social responsibilities.

Since the establishment date, Niksa has worked as sponsor in different occasions and attained valuable achievements in those occasions.


When setting its targets and strategies, the institute provides its services as a nongovernmental, nonpolitical, and nonprofit organization based on the divine and Islamic instructions, respecting human munificence, and based on a humanitarian, people-oriented, and systematic principle. We are determined to empower the people and society to provide the grounds of controlling social vulnerabilities through public participation.


We are trying to be the first charity institute in rendering services to the needy people and empowering relief seekers under our support.

The institute has put effective presence in this field and rendering best quality services above all its goals. The institute strives to become the best charity institute in order to continue and promote achievements and increase the level of its supporting and achieve its ideal goal, i.e. participation of people in charity affairs.


Relief seekers: satisfaction of relief seekers with rendered services and rendering best quality services to them.

Charity people: creating satisfaction in charity people by notifying the results of their activities.

The colleagues of the institute: expansion of knowledge and abilities of the colleagues and using their skills in charity affairs.

Transparency: creating a transparent and systematic bed for management apart from apprehensions of charity processes.

Humanism: providing the grounds and cultural development in the field of humanism and creating the culture of charity.

Various types of services rendered by the institute

Support and welfare services

Niksa Institute presents various services to support the families under its protection through cooperation of experienced and empowered relief seekers. Some of rendered services include:

  • Distribution of general needful of family in Ramadan and New Year.
  • Costs of purchasing necessary household appliances and furniture (such as carpet, refrigerator, heater, oven …)
  • Costs of purchasing marriage dowry.
  • Costs of kindergarten tuition and costs of maintenance of relief seeker’s minor children.
  • Distribution of school bag and requirements according to educational level.
  • Payment of educational costs of children.
  • Payment of living expense of the elderly and the disabled.

Financial Aids and Support

Regarding the poor financial status of most relief seekers, Niksa Institute has arranged some financial supporting activities as follows. These financial aids are provided as temporary aids to eliminate the temporary issues of relief seekers. Some of financial aids of the institute include:

  • Payment of deferred rental of relief seekers.
  • Payment of monthly rental of relief seekers.
  • Payment of house repairing costs.
  • Payment of house down payment.
  • Payment of water, electricity, and gas charges and other current expenses.

Medical Aids and Support

A part of institute’s activities is devoted to granting financial aids and health and medical support to relief seekers suffering from medical problems. Since a major part of relief seekers are in need of appropriate medical services in addition to lacking financial sources, the institute takes measures to track medical affairs of relief seekers and pay expenses of healing and health of relief seekers. Some of these payments are mentioned below:

  • Payment of expenses of surgical operations and transplants of relief seekers.
  • Payment of expenses of purchasing rare and expensive, medical and hospital drugs of relief seekers.
  • Payment of expenses of post-surgery services (physiotherapy, work therapy, speech therapy …)
  • Payment of expenses of medical and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Introducing family supporting women to receive insurance booklet from welfare department.

Cultural and Educational Services and Empowerment of Families

Empowerment of relief seekers is one of the lofty objectives of the institute and the basic pillar for planning of the institute. This is done through identification of relief seekers who are capable of empowerment and preparing them through rendering consultancy and educational services and finally providing appropriate conditions for them to perform career activities. The following is some measures taken by the institute in this regard:

  • Purchasing professional work tools for relief seekers.
  • Rendering legal consultancy and family services.
  • Introducing to fix employment centers.
  • Introducing to various colleague centers.

Niksa Round the Clock Center for Developing Children Talents (Khaneh Mehr)

For Female Children Aging 7-12 Years

Niksa Institute has opened up a round the clock center to take care of and grow talents of unattended children in order to realize its mission and goal based on humanism and respecting humans and growing future human capital and to develop the authority and integrity of Iran.

The following is a collection of objectives of opening this center:

  • Trying to reduce and eliminate social vulnerabilities suffered by the youth in society.
  • Educating the supported children as creative and entrepreneur individuals for the country’s future.
  • Using engineering and management knowledge and skills for management of center and changing the traditional attitudes to modern attitudes in this regard.

In establishing this center, Niksa has focused on the following attitudes:

  • Hiring sympathetic, skilled and educated instructors.
  • Using specialized potency and experience and protecting charity chain consisting of Niksa’s colleague charity institutes.
  • Benefiting from specialized knowledge and consultancy of accredited academic centers and instructors and technical experts.
  • Valuable and effective interaction with state welfare organization and using the previous valuable experiences and support and modeling the best obtained results in the past.
  • Using modern scientific approaches and using management and engineering techniques in management models of the center.
  • Educating the children in various fields and planning in scientific, cultural, religious and sport areas and living skills.

Focusing on the above approaches through the growth strategy and program developed for each child, Niksa has made progress in eliminating physical, mental, behavioral, and learning disorders based on the existing resources, facilities and capabilities and relying on the potential and inherent talents of each child. The institute educates children in a safe, calm, and happy environment in four areas of science and knowledge, culture and religion, sport and living skills.

At present time, the center admits and educates 20 female children aging 7-12 years each year at Gohardasht city in Karaj.

The growth program developed for taking care, educating, and growing talents of children of Khaneh Mehr using engineering and management method, psychology and social affairs.

۱-     Eliminating piled disorders and developing the children on mental, spiritual and physical grounds through the following programs:

  • Psychotherapy, speech therapy, and consultancy programs and intelligence tests to eliminate mental and psychic disorders of children.
  • Corrective sport programs (gymnastic, Yuga, chess …) to eliminate physical disorders and enhance mental and physical faculties of children.
  • Implementation of educational programs in art fields (handicraft, visual arts, dramatic arts …), music (playing various musical instruments) for promotion of creativity of children.
  • Educational programs (extracurricular activities) to promote educational affairs and coordinate scientific level of children with other mates.
  • Complementary educational programs (language and computer sciences) for familiarity with modern sciences of the world.
  • Religious and educational programs and deepening religious beliefs in children.

۲-     Talent assessment and discovering potential talents and individual abilities of children.

۳-     Planning the growth strategy of each child based on their discovered talents and creating growth profile.

۴-     Providing training on basic life and behavioral skills (housekeeping skills, discussion skills, friend finding, and behavior in family …) in order to prepare the children for family and community roles.

۵-     Providing management training in order to create the sense of independence and accountability in children and internalize modern attitudes in the children’s mind.

Future Programs of Niksa Institute in Relation with Khaneh Mehr

  • Designing and building children care center for two groups of children aging 7-12 years and 12-18 years, according to the latest global standards and Iranian and Islamic architecture models.

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